Williamsburg enjoys a moderate climate that experiences a gentle version of all four seasons.

Current weather and seven-day forecast


Temperature / Precipitation January February March April May June July August September October November December Annual
Average Maximum Temperature (°F) 47°F 51°F 59°F 69°F 76°F 84°F 87°F 85°F 79°F 70°F 61°F 51°F 68.25°F
Average Minimum Temperature (°F) 30°F 31°F 38°F 46°F 56°F 64°F 69°F 68°F 61°F 50°F 41°F 33°F 48.91°F
Average Precipitation (Inches) 3.7 Inches 3.19 Inches 4.33 Inches 3.7 Inches 4.02 Inches 3.335 Inches 5.47 Inches 5.35 Inches 4.88 Inches 3.46 Inches 3.27 Inches 3.54 Inches 48.26 Inches