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COVID-19 Business Grant FAQ

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If you have questions about the COVID-19 Business Grant, please see below for guidance. 

Will the funds for this grant run out before I apply?

The grant program was designed to provide enough funds for all eligible businesses to receive the grant.  The deadline to apply for the grant is June 1, 2020.

What is BPOL (business license) tax?

The City of Williamsburg requires all persons doing business and maintaining a definite place of business in the city, including but not limited to an office, retail space or other location, leased or otherwise, or who are a resident in the city, and such residence shall be deemed a definite place of business, to obtain a business license prior to beginning business. Once a business has a license in the City of Williamsburg, it must be renewed each year on or before March 1st, or the account closed in writing. Non-filers are subject to administrative assessments. Code of the City of Williamsburg Sec. 18-336 through 380.

The tax is based upon the gross receipts of the business and assessed at the following rates:

  • Professional Services $0.58 per $100
  • Other Services (Business Service, Personal Service, Repair) $0.36 per $100
  • Retail Sales $0.20 per $100
  • Contractors $0.16 per $100
  • Wholesale Sales $0.05 per $100

More details can be found with the Commissioner of the Revenue.

I do not know how much I paid for the 2020 BPOL (Business License) tax that was calculated based on my 2019 gross receipts. What do I do?

The amount that your business pays for the BPOL (Business License) tax is confidential.  Only you can supply this information for the grant application.  If you do not know the amount that you paid, please contact Debi Burcham in the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue at to obtain the amount and proof of payment to submit in the application. When contacting Debi Burcham, you will need to submit the business name, phone number, and last four digits of your EIN or social security number. 

What is proof of payment for the BPOL (Business License) Tax?

You can submit an image of your cancelled check or an email from Debi Burcham (see question above) as proof of payment from the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue.  If you have another form of “proof of payment,” feel free to submit it.  Staff will review your submission and contact you if more information is needed.

What if I do not know whether or not I paid the 2020 BPOL (Business License) tax tax that was calculated based on my 2019 gross receipts?

The 2020 BPOL (Business License) tax that was calculated based on my 2019 gross receipts  was due March 1, 2020 and is required before you can receive your 2020 Business License.

When would I have paid the 2020 BPOL (Business License) tax that was calculated based on my 2019 gross receipts?

The tax was due March 1, 2020, so you probably paid it in February of 2020.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please contact us at or 757-220-6104.