Demolition Program

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The Williamsburg EDA offers a demolition grant to help cover up to 90% of the demolition costs associated with a redevelopment project.

Please type your Demolition Grant application, either by using the PDF form below, or by requesting an MS Word version of the application: 


The City’s commercial areas are visible indicators of the social and economic health of the community. The City Biennial Goals, Initiatives and Outcomes, Comprehensive Plan, and Economic Development Plan identify commercial areas with underused commercial properties with redevelopment potential. When existing underused properties are not feasible for rehabilitation, demolition is an important tool to spark private investment and redevelopment.


The purpose of the Williamsburg Economic Development Authority (EDA) Demolition Grant Program is to encourage private investment enhancements in commercial areas of the city. The program will encourage redevelopment of underused commercial properties in order to improve the economic vitality of commercial areas from functional and aesthetic perspectives.

The Demolition Grant Program will be administered by the Williamsburg EDA and will provide grants for the demolition of qualified, underused commercial properties to help move these properties to the redevelopment market for private investment.

Grant Details

A grant from the Williamsburg EDA is available for the demolition of underused commercial properties in an amount to be determined by the EDA as provided herein. The maximum amount of any grant will not exceed 90 percent of the project cost. While the applicant may use whichever contractor he wishes, the project cost will be determined by the lowest of three separate competitive arms-length demolition bids or estimates obtained by the applicant. However, for good cause shown the EDA may waive the requirement of three arms-length bids or estimates. No principal, officer or manager employee of the applicant may be a principal, office, manager employee or investor in any entity that provides a bid or estimate for the demolition or that is employed to perform the demolition funded by the Grant.

Eligibility and Procedural Guidelines

  1. All fee simple owners of the property must sign the application.
  2. Awarded funds will be disbursed to the applicant upon satisfactory completion of the demolition project, approval by the City Planning and Codes Compliance Department and submission of all receipts for the work performed.
  3. Completion of the demolition project must occur within six months of the EDA approval unless an extension is granted by the EDA for just cause.
  4. Awards are not retroactive. The demolition grant must be approved before any demolition activity begins.
  5. All applicable City regulations must be followed and approvals must be obtained before the demolition commences.
  6. Prior to the distribution of any grant monies, all delinquent real property, personal property, sales, transient occupancy or meals taxes, BPOL, license fees, fines, utility charges, or any other amounts owed by the applicant and property owner to the City of Williamsburg must be paid in full.

Selection Criteria

Applications are competitive and will be approved on a first come, first served basis. The EDA is not required to approve and make grants to applications. Each application will be evaluated individually based on two factors that will be considered to determine the percentage of the cost of demolition that will be reimbursed with the grant:

  1. The extent to which the proposed project (demolition and anticipated redevelopment) corresponds with the City’s Biennial Goals, Initiatives and Outcomes. To see the approved Biennial Goals, Initiatives and Outcomes, visit: The projected direct tax revenue to be collected by the City after redevelopment. A signed contract commitment with a prospective user that generates the tax revenue indicated in a pro forma (example chart attached) will increase the weight of this criterion.
  2. Applications should describe how the project meets specific aspects of the City’s Biennial Goals, Initiatives and Outcomes and provide an anticipated pro forma for ten years of direct local tax revenue (example chart attached) after redevelopment. The following Goals and Initiatives may be applicable: 

Goal I - Character of the City: Protect and enhance Williamsburg’s unique character as defined by its urban places, neighborhoods, commercial spaces and open spaces; and by its iconic places – the Colonial Williamsburg Historic Area and campus of the College of William and Mary.

         A. Downtown Vibrancy (new infill development, enhancement of downtown)
         B. Arts District and Midtown
         C. Richmond Road Corridor (visual appearance and strengthening of Richmond Road corridor)
         D. Northeast Triangle (addition of attraction to NET)
         G. Entry Corridor Beautification
         H. Commercial Site Assembly (property assembly for private redevelopment)

Goal II - Economic Vitality: Increase employment opportunities, personal income growth, business success, and city revenues by supporting, promoting and diversifying the city’s economic base of heritage tourism and higher education, and other development and redevelopment opportunities.

         A. Tourism Development (new tourism product)
         B. Economic Diversification Strategies (transformative commercial uses, creative businesses)
         C. Redevelopment (partner with private sector to redevelop transitional properties, spur private                       investment)
         D. Support Existing Businesses
         E. Facilities to Increase Overnight Visitation

Publicity and Acknowledgement

Applicants will receive public recognition for participating in the program. Applicants will allow the EDA to install a sign on the property identifying the project as being affiliated with the Williamsburg EDA Demolition Grant Program.


The program may distribute monies appropriated to the EDA by City Council for such purpose.

Application Information

Contact the Williamsburg Economic Development Office at (757) 220-6104 or via email at for more information.